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"Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite." Anaïs Nin

Welcome to First Circle Therapy. Here we acknowledge the ancient symbol of the circle - embodying the cyclical nature of time in passing days and seasons, the interconnectedness of all things, and the universe itself – as an image that inspires our path to healing and self-discovery. Circles abound in the natural world, from the celestial dances and forms of the sun, moon, and earth, to the intimate orbits of our personal relationships, we are woven into a tapestry of circles that reflect our place in the world and within ourselves.


The circle is an emblem of life’s winding layers of the complex, the mysterious, and the wild entirety of our experience. 

At the heart of our approach to therapy is acknowledgment of the First Circle: our innermost self, a richly complex community of thoughts, emotions, and parts. It’s within this circle that we learn to explore our inner conflicts and challenges, recognizing these challenges as opportunities for deep transformation. Through therapeutic exploration and the cultivation of compassionate self-awareness, we engage in the delicate dance of integration, guiding each part of ourselves towards balance with our Wise Self.

First Circle Therapy is dedicated to nurturing this inner circle, fostering a journey of self-reflection that not only heals the individual but also resonates through the circles of our relationships, communities, and world. Our approach emphasizes the power of understanding and reconciling the various aspects of our psyche, recognizing that the work towards building inner harmony often also leads to profound ripples of external change. 

Exploring our first circle is about embracing the complexities of our luminous inner landscape as a pathway to personal growth and greater connectedness. Here, we celebrate the circle's legacy as a symbol of wholeness, unity, wondrous mystery, and the endless potential for transformation. Let's embark on this journey together, discovering strength, peace, and clarity in the beautiful complexity of being.

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