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You are worthy of a space dedicated to your healing and growth.

When you commit to therapy, you are investing in your future self and long-term wellbeing.

Your commitment to therapy is met with my commitment to you.

The framework of our sessions, alongside the policies and fees I have set, is deliberately crafted to create a relational environment where I am fully engaged in your therapeutic experience. I bring all my attention, energy, and expertise to each session with you. 

Financial Commitment

Current Rates

  • 50-minute individual session $160

  • 80-minute individual session $256


Therapy comes with a monetary cost. Finding the right therapist can make this investment worthwhile. 

For additional information about financial cost and insurance, please see my FAQ page and Good Faith Estimate.

Time Commitment

Your time is another integral part of your investment. Committing to regular weekly sessions of 50 minutes provides a rhythm to our work that allows you to delve into underlying themes and issues and create room for personal growth. I generally recommend meeting at least once a week to maximize the benefits of therapy.


Energetic Commitment

Therapy calls for the courage to embrace vulnerability, the willingness to explore shadowy corners of your being, and your interest in uncovering your true self. This emotional energy is a big part of your investment in therapy.


The truth is, you will either invest your time, energy, and resources into personal growth by choice, or spend it managing the impact of unresolved patterns in your life.

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